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Due to heavy demand and the difficult examination, the following limitations are in effect:

  • Ms Pat’s classes have the space for most of this upcoming weekend (April 21-22). There are only two slots open: Sunday 8-10 AM and Sunday 6-10 PM. If you want to reserve either of those times, arrange with Ms. Shamala. You are, of course, free to work outside the Experimental Theatre.
  • The following weekend (April 28-28) the space is reserved by Ms Pat from 8-1130 AM on Saturday. All other times are free for you to use. Again, please arrange with Ms. Shamala but also copy your time slots to me.
  • Tuesday, May 1 (holiday) is reserved for tech/dress rehearsals for both THTR 101 (8  AM – NOON) and THTR 102. (NOON – 8 PM). THTR 102 Students: Please arrange slots (not more than 2 hours) with Stage Managers. Stage Managers, please let me know times for each scene. Stage Managers please liase between 101 and 102 so that there is mutual support. ALL PROPS, COSTUMES, MUSIC, LIGHTING, SETS MUST BE READY!!!!
  • POSTER should be out on MONDAY 23 of April.
  • Final Exam performance times on 2 May are: THTR 101: 3:30 PM- 4:30; THTR 102: 5-7 PM. Performance order for THTR 102 needs to be worked out.
  • Written Work: Journals, etc. are due the day after the performance: Thursday, May 3 by NOON in my office. It would be good if you could turn in with  your scene partners so I can give feedback.
  • If anyone has any question about anything: please ask Rey.



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