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These are areas for you to explore and think about when creating your character. Please don’t treat this as a list or a “fill in the blanks” exercise. Some of the information may be in the text; some you will have to create for yourself.


You don’t have to answer every question, and there may be other areas not on this list that are important for you to consider.

 The information you come up with must be true to the script. It cannot contradict the given circumstances or biographical details set down in the text,

The information you come up with must be useful to you in performing your character. You should feel free to experiment, to explore, to revise any of this any time if you come up with a more useful idea







Significance of name and nickname


Age_____Exact birthday______________ Birthplace__________________


Astrological sign_________________


Significance of birth details:


Period and Culture




Social class, politics


Historical events that effect your character








Other significant family


Absent/distant family


Age(s) at which parents or other significant relatives died:


How did they die?


Surrogate family




Significant events in:











Education events:


Relationship and sexual events:


Career and work events


Travel, dislocation, relocation


Marriage events


Medical events


Specific places



Physical Characteristics



Describe your character’s body from his/her point of view; from another’s’ point of view.



What words describe your character’s movement? Use images as well as adjectives.



Energy center



Medical history, illnesses, pain.



Posture: describe with an image



Power focus. What part(s) of the body is the focus of your character’s power? vulnerability?



What parts of the body are attractive? unattractive? Shameful? Open? Locked?



Imagine your character’s body in detail



•   Hair and face

  • Torso and groin
  • Arms and hands
  • Legs and feet





Generally, how does your character move? Describe in adjectives and images.


heavy/light                            direct/indirect                     sudden (quick)/sustained (slow)


Name an animal physically like your character? Be specific as to why and how.


What is your character’s attitude and awareness of space?


Voice and Speech:


Generally, how does your character speak? What tone and volume?


Generally, where does your character place his/her voice?


What adjectives or aural images or music would you use to describe your character’s voice?




How does your character dress? Why does he/she choose her/his attire? Be specific from undergarments to outer-garments, from casual to formal.


What are your character’s colors?


What style or period??


How does your character groom him/herself? Hair? Make up? Scents?






What does your character do for a living? What does the work entail? What are the routines? What parts of the body, mind, or emotions are used?


What is your character’s attitude toward work? How important is it? How long has he/she been doing it?


What is your character’s status? Who are your character’s superiors, inferiors?


Why does your character work? How ambitious?


What is your character’s work history? Career arc?





Is your character married or involved with someone? When and how did that happen?


Who does your character have to care for? Children? Old parents? Pets?


What are the pleasures and satisfactions?


What are the sadnesses, problems, and fears?


What is your character’s sexuality and attitude toward sex?


What are your characters sexual anxieties?


Are there other involvements?


What is your character’s relationship history?


Other aspects


Create a list of your character’s likes and dislikes regarding anything: food, people, quirks, sports, activities, reading, music, entertainment.


Books and magazines your character reads; movies and TV shows; music.


Most important possessions?


Draw a floor plan of your character’s room. What specific objects are there?


What are your character’s physical habits?


What are your character’s secrets? Who knows about them? What secrets does only your character know?


What people you know are like your character? What actor would play your character?


What music would you play on your ipod to “get into character”?









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