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Rehearse and perform a 1 1/2 to 2 minute presentation based on Uta Hagen’s Object exercises.

  • Use three or more props.
  • A specific indoor space which you fully imagine — draw a map of it in your journal. Try to make the space interesting and try to use it.
  • In this scene, your super-objective must change between your entrance and your exit. The change should be on a specific beat and involve one or more of the props.
  • You must have a sheet of paper where you score specific beats (units of action). Remember that, in a play, every “something happening,” every event, is both the second half of the action it completes and the first half of the action it begins. (That is the sense in which action is like the sound of one hand clapping. It is also the reason plays keep going until the end.) When you define the limits (beginning and end) of a beat of action, you are not exactly identifying the end of one action and then the beginning of the next; you are rather identifying the pivot po int, the place at which the action turns or transform. (Chas Homes)
  • You may enter and exit, or be “discovered” on stage at the beginning (call “curtain”) or enter and remain on stage at the end call “curtain”.
  • Make your exit and entrance clear: Where have I come from? What have I just done? What do I want in the space?

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