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In this course, you will develop and hone your skills as an actor by working with dramatic texts. You will learn the basics of characterization, scene analysis, playing objectives, working with other actors, and working in the theatrical space. You will also learn how to prepare for public performance.

You will be expected to do a lot of rehearsing outside class, so it is important that you reserve time in your week (weekends as well) to prepare you assignments. It’s also a good idea to locate a private space for your rehearsal work. The Experimental Theatre is heavily booked.

You will also be required to document what you do in two ways:

  • A “sketchbook” that you bring to every class and rehearsal. This is a receptacle for any and all of your ideas, notes, drawings, costume and make-up ideas, quick thoughts, pasted scraps, nonesensical ramblings, observations, — whatever. This sketchbook is entirely private. You need not show it to anyone except me.
  • A polished Journal to be kept on a blog that makes sense of the course and the projects as you go along. I will expect at least two entries per week on the blog and will check on it frequently. You must link to this blog in the comments section below.



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